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special volume - musical structure                      spring/fall 2009, volume 3, issue 1&2
Costas Tsougras & Makis Solomos (guest editors)
4th Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM08)-Thessaloniki, Greece, July 2008 - revised selected papers 
Editorial, Richard Parncutt and Ali c. gedik
Foreword, Costas Tsougras and Makis Solomos
A cross-cultural comparative study of the role of musical structural features in the perception of emotion in Greek traditional music
Kyriaki Zacharopoulou and Athanasia Kyriakidou
Perception of intrinsic formal functionality: An empirical investigation of Mozartís materials
Michel ValliŤres, Daphne Tan, William E. Caplin, Stephen McAdams                         
Tonal hierarchies in Sutartinės
Rytis Ambrazevičius and Irena Wiśniewska
Audible ecosystems and emergent sound structures in Di Scipioís music: Music philosophy helps musical analysis
Renaud Meric and Makis Solomos
Inter-structures: Rethinking continuity in post-1945 piano repertoire
Danae Stefanou and Pavlos Antoniadis     
W. A. Mozartís Phantasie in C minor, K. 475: The pillars of musical structure and emotional response
Tijana Popović Mladjenović, Blanka Bogunović,Marija Masnikosa and Ivana Perković Radak
Auditory streams in Ligeti's Continuum: A theoretical and perceptual approach
Emilios Cambouropoulos and Costas Tsougras
Analytical representations of creative processes in Michael Finnissyís Second String Quartet
Amanda Bayley and Michael Clarke
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  print version: 13 May 2009
 online version: 10 May 2009




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