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special volume - singing                      spring/fall 2008, volume 2, issue 1&2
Kaire Maimets-Volt (guest editor)
3rd Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM07)-Tallinn, Estonia, August 2007 - revised selected papers 
Editorial, Ali c. gedik
Interdisciplinarity in JIMS, Richard Parncutt
Foreword, Kaire Maimets-Volt
The effect of the spoken dialect on the singing dialect: The example of Lithuanian
Rytis Ambrazevičius and Asta Leskauskaitė
Chromaticisms or performance rules? Evidence from traditional singing
Rytis Ambrazevičius and Irena Wiśniewska                         
“Singing like the gaida (bagpipe)”: Investigating relations between singing and instrumental playing techniques in Greek Thrace
Haris Sarris and Panagiotis Tzevelekos 
The reception of overtone singing by uninformed listeners
Marie-Cécile Barras and Anne-Marie Gouiffès
Towards a common terminology to describe voice quality in Western lyrical singing: Contribution of a multidisciplinary research group
Nathalie Henrich, Pascal Bezard, Robert Expert, Maëva Garnier, Christian Guerin, Claire Pillot, Sophie Quattrocchi, Bernard Roubeau,
Boris Terk          
The tertiary singing audition: Perceptual and acoustic differences between successful and unsuccessful candidates
Helen F. Mitchell and Dianna T. Kenny               
Effect of voice change on singing pitch accuracy in young male singers
Elizabeth C. Willis and Dianna T. Kenny
Historically informed retuning of polyphonic vocal performance
Jonathan Wild and Peter Schubert
An empirical approach to studying intonation tendencies in polyphonic vocal performances
Johanna Devaney and Daniel P.W. Ellis
Learning to sing in tune: Does real-time visual feedback help?
Pat H. Wilson, Kerrie Lee, Jean Callaghan, C. William Thorpe
Exploring relationships between the kinematics of a singer's body movement and the quality of their voice
Geoff Luck and Petri Toiviainen
Awakening the sleeping beauty: Estonian 1939 recordings
Kadri Steinbach and Morten Hein
Interdisciplinary musicology conference: Afterthoughts
Ilse Lehiste
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  print version: 31 May 2008
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