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    special issue: nature versus culture                       spring 2011, volume 5, issue 1
    Renee Timmers & Matthew Woolhouse (guest editors )
    6th Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (CIM10)-Sheffield, UK, July 2010 - revised selected papers 
    Foreword, Renee Timmers and Matthew Woolhouse
    Searching for the `natural` origins of the symmetrical scales: Traditional multipart Setu songs
    Rytis Ambrazevičius and Žanna Pärtlas
    A methodological framework for the development and evaluation of user-centered art installations
    Alexander Deweppe, Nuno Diniz, Pieter Coussement and Marc Leman
    A case-study investigation of respiration in operatic singing: An implementation of research design and applications 
    Katty Kochman, Michiel Demey, Dirk Moelants, and Marc Leman
    The Australian pied butcherbird and the natureculture continuum
    Hollis Taylor and Dominique Lestel
    Cultural impact in listenersí structural understanding of a Tunisian traditional modal improvisation, studied with the help of computational models
    Olivier Lartillot and Mondher Ayari






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