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    spring 2010, volume 4, issue 1
    A comparative analysis of Eurasian folksong corpora, using self organising maps
    Zoltán Juhász and János Sipos
    Collaboration perspectives for folk song research and music information retrieval: The indispensable role of computational musicology
    Peter van Kranenburg, Jörg Garbers, Anja Volk, Frans Wiering, Louis P. Grijp, and Remco C. Veltkamp
    Musical listening and abductive reasoning: Contributions of C. S. Peirce’s philosophy to the understanding of musical meaning
    Luis Felipe Oliveira, Willem F.G. Haselager, Jônatas Manzolli and Maria Eunice Q. Gonzalez
    Parataxis: A framework of structure analysis for instrumental folk music
    Haris Sarris, Tassos Kolydas and Panagiotis Tzevelekos
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      print version: 30 May 2010
     online version: 29 May 2010






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