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volume 1. issue 1. spring 2007/ cilt 1. sayı 1. bahar 2007                         
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Articles /Makaleler
Systematic Musicology and the History and Future of Western Musical Scholarship   
          Richard Parncutt
Timbre-Induced Pitch Deviations of Musical Sounds                                                 
           Allan Vurma, Jaan Ross  
Foreign Issues: The National and International in 1960s Finnish Popular Music Discourse      
           Janne Mäkelä
Style-Independent Computer-Assisted Exploratory Analysis of Large Music Collections        
          Cory McKay, Ichiro Fujinaga
Associative Structure in the Perception of Music: The Case of Turkish ‘Yanık’ (scorched)
         Ayhan Erol                 
Book Review  /Kitap Tanıtımı
This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science of a Human Obsession By D.  J. Levitin 
         Ali Cenk Gedik
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