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volume 1. issue 2. fall 2007/ cilt 1. sayı 2. güz 2007                         
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Articles /Makaleler  
Computational Ethnomusicology     
         George Tzanetakis, Ajay Kapur, W. Andrew Schloss, Matthew Wright


Diversifying the Groove: Bulgarian Folk Meets the Jazz Idiom
         Claire Levy                             
 A Comparative Evaluation of Pitch Notations in Turkish Makam Music   
         Ozan Yarman                     
Characterisation of Voice Quality in Western Lyrical Singing              
          Maëva Garnier, Nathalie Henrich, Michèle Castellengo,
          David Sotiropoulos, Danièle Dubois 
Book Review  /Kitap Tanıtımı
Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?
Experiencing Aural Architecture By Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter    
            Jean-Dominique Polack   
List of Reviewers for Volume 1 
publication dates
  print version: 30 November 2007
 online version: 30 November 2007


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