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    fall 2010, volume 4, issue 2
    Special issue: 'Instruments in Context'
    Guest editors: Neville Fletcher and David Howard
    Editorial, Ali C. Gedik and Richard Pancutt
    Foreword, Neville Fletcher and David Howard
    Imitations of bells: Correspondence between bell acoustics and onomatopoeic texts
    Rytis Ambrazevičius and Renata Balsienė
    The McGill Digital Orchestra: An Interdisciplinary Project on Digital Musical Instruments
    Sean Ferguson and Marcelo M. Wanderley
    The electric guitar: an augmented instrument and a tool for musical composition
    Otso Lahdeoja, Benoit Navarret, Santiago Quintans and Anne Sedes
    Theatrical expressivity of Berio's Sequenza for viola: Levels of communication
    Blanka Bogunović , Tijana Popović Mladjenović and Ivana Perković
    Instrument in interaction with pitch content of selected works by Brahms, Saint-Saens, Hindemith, and Shostakovich
    Kerri Kotta and Jonne Kotta
    Investigating instrumental repertoire following the technique of parataxis: A case study
    Haris Sarris, Tassos Kolydas and Michalis Kostakis
    Drawing a parallel between the gaida (bagpipe) and the Zonaradikos line dance through statistics
    Haris Sarris, Angelos Velegrakis and Tassos Kolydas








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