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journal of interdisciplinary music studies
fall 2007, volume 1, issue 2, art. #071202, pp. 25-42
Diversifying the Groove: Bulgarian Folk Meets the Jazz Idiom
‘Groove’u Çeşitlendirmek: Bulgar Halk Müziği Caz Deyişiyle Buluşuyor
 Claire Levy
Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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Acknowledgement:  JIMS thanks to Mr. Milcho Leviev for the permission to publish excerpts from his albums. 
Audio Samples from Milcho Leviev's music:
Example #1: Anti-Waltz  (first 60'' )
Example #2: Studia (first 60'')
Example #3: Blues in 9 (first 90'')
Example #4: Blues in 10 (first 105'')
Video Samples from Milcho Leviev's music:
Example #1: 'Selski Tantz' - Village Dance
Example #2: 'Sadovsko Horo'
Example #3: Excerpt from the concert held on 30 September 2006 in Plovdiv
Example #4: Milcho Leviev & Vicky Almazidu
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